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Founder & Artistic Director

Rashid Ahmed

Rashid Ahmed Khan is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Akhepura folk music group. He was born in the village of Akhepura, which is in Nagaur district of the State of Rajasthan (India). Rashid Ahmed Khan has been at the helm of the Akhepura folk music group for more than 10 years now. He has been relentlessly working in the domain of folk music of Rajasthan, and has conducted 1200+ programs in 22+ Indian States. He has also taken his group comprised of Rajasthani folk event artists aboard to perform in 15+ countries.

Rashid Ahmed Khan has music in his genes, which he has got as a heritage from his grandfather – the late Bashir Khan. His family has been involved in performing Rajasthani folk music & dance for several generations now.

Rashid Ahmed Khan has won several awards and accolades, thanks to his love, hard work, and perseverance to popularize Rajasthani folk music & dance throughout the country and even beyond its geographical borders. In doing this, he has successfully carved a niche for himself and his troupe.

Lead Singer of Akhepura Musical Group

Riyaz Ul Hassan

Riyazul Hassan is the lead singer of Akhepura musical group with unlimited passion for the folk music of Rajasthan, which reflects perfectly in his performances. Born in of Akhepura, which is in Nagaur district of the State of Rajasthan (India), Riyaz was perfectly identified at birth by his uncle for the person who would take the folk music of Rajasthan to bigger heights and fame – both national and international. Being a gifted child, Riyaz started singing with his grandfather – the renowned folk singer Bashir Khan, and his uncle when he was only 6 years old. Riyaz’s formal training started under his uncle when he was 11. He became a part of his uncle’s renowned group by the age of 17 and gradually became the head performer of the group.

Though Riyaz holds extensive knowledge about Western pop music and is interested in playing with the Western musicians, and arrange tracks in studios, his ultimate passion lies in the art of folk music and the permeated message it delivers mystically. According to him, Rajasthani folk music is not just music; it is a message instead. The music, which was created by sufis, mirasis, kalawants, folk desert musicians and others, stays forever when it is being composed and practiced. Other musical forms exist only for a short while, but the folk music of Rajasthan is perpetual that stays forever. Once one starts listening to it, it touches the person’s spirit, purifies the soul, and helps him/her become more human. Riyaz feels it’s his duty toward the folk music of Rajasthan to spread the message of Sufism. He dreams of a future when he will be able to spread the culture of Rajasthan and its soulful message to the world.

About Akhepura Musical Group

Akhepura group is a congregation of professional musicians, Rajasthani folk dancers, and Rajasthani event organizers. Envisioned by Rashid Ahmed – the famous folk culture promoter of Rajasthan, Akhepura group strives to collaborate with famous folk dancers, sufi folk singers, and other Rajasthani folk event artists. Since its inception in Jaipur, Akhepura group has become one of the most renowned Rajasthani event troupes across the country.

Rajasthan boasts of a rich cultural heritage, carefully nurtured and maintained over the centuries by different waves of settlers. The desert state holds a plethora of attractions to its visitors, from colorful rituals to vibrant festivals to fascinating Rajasthani folk dances and world famous folk music of Rajasthan, apart from magnanimous historical forts, monuments, and mind blowing sand dunes. Unique in concept, the cultural heritage of Rajasthan is beyond any comparison.

The Akhepura Rajasthan group holds the vision and mission to form an ensemble of the best Rajasthani folk performing artists to come up with unique performing art genres of Rajasthan and present their talent at both national and international levels.

At present, the group boasts of more than 60 folk dance artists and Rajasthani folk dancers, who have proudly performed at a huge number of events, fairs, festivals, and weddings, just to name a few. During its journey of 11 years, the group has given more than 1200 performances in 22 different states of India as well as a significant number of international platforms.

The group is looking to collaborate with Rajasthani artist event management organizations, folk dance event organizers, and folk event organizers that can help them expand the reach of their shows to more fairs and festivals.

The Akhepura Rajasthan group eagerly awaits your response, so that together with you, we can initiate a bigger Rajasthan folk artists group to promote Rajasthan’s rich folk and culture in front of the world. For further details and show invitations, get in touch with us.

The Akhepura Rajasthan troupe shall be heavily indebted to be considered for your valued fairs and/or festivals. We shall be happy to offer you more detailed information about our troupe upon being contacted.

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